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Alshante Foggo brings a Bermudian flair to IWFS

Alshante Foggo brings a Bermudian flair to IWFS

11/12/2014 3:38:57 PM

Though swimwear for any fashion showcase with island scenery as its backdrop may not seem as ground-breaking, one designer made certain to separate herself from the rest of the pack. 

Enter Alshante Foggo. 

The Bermudan designer saw it fit to pepper her collection with nostalgic sentiments.  Citing the beauty of her island and her adoration for all things vibrant as inspirations for her collection, Alshante Foggo showcased looks that rang true to home.  And if the pieces weren’t indicative of the designer’s island roots, the music definitely was. 

Sister Nancy ‘s “Bam Bam” reverberated through the speakers as models sauntered down the runway.  Caftans saturated with prints and bursts of color swayed on the catwalk, only to give way to form fitting swimsuits emblazoned with pictures of safari landscapes, tribal prints and sheer paneling.  Separates replete with prints of tropical plants, birds and vivid floral patterns were definite standouts, giving this collection that extra “umph” without having the pieces appear too distracting.

Though the collection was a concise one, the attention paid to creating marketable, wearable pieces was evident.  Foggo designed this assemblage with the saucy island girl in mind who isn’t afraid to be bold and daring, yet still feminine with a kick.  Girls will definitely be yearning for summer to make its arrival only to wear a few items from this collection. 

Luckily, with the climate in this region, the wait won’t be a long one.

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